A Bloody Lucky Day S01 (Episode 8 Added) Korean Drama

A Bloody Lucky Day S01 (Episode 8 Added) Korean Drama Get the recap of A Bloody Lucky Day episode nine here. A Bloody Lucky Day Ep 8 bilibili, Noire, Netnaija, Netflix imdb, Korean movie, Reddit, Dramacool, Dramabeans, Kdramastar, 9jarocks


Oh Taek drives taxis for a living. He once dreamed that there were a lot of pigs in it. It is said that having dreams of this kind will bring luck. He makes his regular amount of money that day. Oh Taek is asked to drive a man named Geum Hyuk Soo to the port city of Mokpo just as he is about to give up for the day. He offers to drive you for a million won, or about $1,000. Although Oh Taek accepts the drive, he is unaware that Hyuk Soo killed a man and that he has plans to

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