Drama As Passenger Accuses Flight Crew Of Stealing His Bag Of Kilishi (Watch Video)

Drama develops when a passenger accuses a member of the flight crew of taking his bag of kilishi, a spiced dry beef snack, after arriving at the airport.

The moment a missing bag led to a fight when they arrived at their destination in Lagos was caught on camera and is making the rounds on social media.

Drama as a passenger claims that the flight crew stole his kilishi bag (Video)
One of the passengers made a scene because he couldn’t find his kilishi, despite having it with him when he boarded the plane.

Get out of here!” the crew member could be heard yelling. You are behaving irrationally. Where is safety?

The livid passenger, however, refused to back down while insisting on the certainty of boarding the flight with his snacks.

“You go slap who? Give me my fccking bag of kilishi because I checked in with it,” the passenger ranted at the top of his voice.

See some reactions that followed

Sweeftevents_ wrote: “Kilishi is now gold abeg although it’s not funny how A lot of cabin crew have stolen passagers valuable just within inter states …”

Ahaflifestyle noted: “it’s isn’t funny…kilishi is expensive not to talk of a nylon bag.he probably bought it for his family,these workers can do better,they always think anyone boarding a flight is rich”

Twittydoll200 stated: “Fucking nylon of Kilishi🤣🤣it’s funny though”


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