Nigerian singer portable claims that choosing the b1tch3s was a mistake just choose money and money again so the b1tch3s most choose you by them selves.

You may remember that the artist gained notoriety a few days ago after boasting that he owned more luxury clothes than Hushpuppi, a troubled Nigerian socialite

Portable, the star of “Zazu Zeh,” admitted in an interview with Factory 78 that he may spend up to 50 million naira simply on clothing. Read this.

A social media user claimed the star purchased one of his costumes, a brown winter jacket, from a hand-me-down roadside stall, presumably disputing Portable’s assertion.

The man released a video of a jacket hanging from a rack inside the stall, resembling the one Portable was recently seen wearing at a video shoot, to back up his claim.

Now that Portable has responded, he claims that he didn’t purchase the jacket since a stylist gave it to him for the video.


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