st lteenagers enjoys high school more than primary school because it’s where they get to discover their true identity and the path they want to take career-wise. Sadly most of these teenagers get lost in high school due to peer pressure and wanting to be famous.

They will go to all lengths to achieve the tittle of being the most popular girl at school.Some will even change their looks so that they can please their friends and classmates.

Year’s ago school used to be a place of learning and acquiring knowledge but recently all that has changed.Students are admiring “slay queens” on social media that they have turned their uniforms into slaying outfits.Slaying has become a global trend that school students are also joining.

The purpose of high school is slowing changing as now it is becoming a place for students to show off instead of learning.We have compiled a number of pictures showing high school girls slaying in their school uniforms.See them below:

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