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Tomb Adventurer (2022) – Chinese Movie

Tomb Adventurer (2022) – Chinese Movie

Tomb Adventurer (2022) – Chinese Movie Longling Fatty Wang Da Jinya and others went to Longling Labyrinth to look for the keel-bone scriptures, trying to lift the curse. Along the way, they encountered dangers along the way, encountering the iron-headed dragon king, the red-eyed wolves that feed on human bones, and the war against human-faced spiders. The road is unpredictable, whether they can escape or not.

Filename: Tomb.Adventurer.2022.480p.Chinese.HDRip.HC.H265.[].mkv

Filesize: 285.39 MB

Duration: 01:30:15

Imdb: –

Director: Feixing

Screenwriter: Tianxia Bachang

Starring: Cai Heng, Gu Xuan, Yu Heng, Chen Yustront, Ma Yuke

Genre: Action, Adventure

Subtitle: English


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