4 Ways Bitter Kola Can Boost Men Sexual Life (Read)

4 Ways Bitter Kola Can Boost Men Sexual Life (Read)

4 Ways Bitter Kola Can Boost Men Sexual Life (Read) Bitter kola is widely grown in Nigeria and attributed to so many health benefits. It contains phytochemicals that are beneficial to human health.

It helps in blood circulation, and digestion and increases energy levels.

Aside from the general health benefits, bitter kola has an immense contribution to a man’s sexual health.

Bitter kola is recommended for treating poor sexual life rather than over-the-counter medicines.

The ethanolic extract of bitter kola has a significant impact on male sexual behavior, sperm parameters, and testosterone.


Here are ways Bitter kola can help boost a man’s sexual life.

1. Treats Weak Erection

Bitter kola makes a man last longer in bed by the way it increases blood flow to the genitals, making the penis receive good oxygen which provides a strong erection.


2. Boost sexual libido

Bitter kola when blended with ginger can help with the enhancement of sexual libido.



3. Last longer in bed 

Healthy individuals may last longer in bed using bitter kola. However, this might not work effectively on humans who have underlying hormone problems.


4. Keeps sexual energy high 

This is due to the caffeine stimulating the Central nervous system which makes you more alert and aware of your present action.

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