Frank Turner says the extension of pandemic restrictions is “another blow to morale” for musicians.
The ‘I Still Believe’ singer – who has raised money for the Music Venue Trust throughout much of the health crisis – admitted news the so-called ‘Freedom Day’ has been delayed in England until July 19 is “disheartening” as social distancing measures means live venues can’t yet open at full capacity.
He wrote on Twitter: “It’s disheartening, but it is what it is. A quick thought tho…
“I’m not an epidemiologist, and I’m not here to argue the medical / scientific side of things. It may well be this is the right thing to do. A small point I feel bound to make is this:
“A *lot* of people are loudly asking the question ‘what’s the big deal? How much of a difference does a 4 week delay (or whatever) make?’ And the answer to that is, for some of us, a lot. (sic)”
The 39-year-old musician said while a lot of people are almost “back to living their normal lives”, the same can’t be said for many working musicians and those in the live entertainment industry.
He continued: “Some people, as far as I can tell, are not far off being back to living their normal lives. And that’s great, I’m happy for them. Some of us really, really aren’t.
“The delay is going to tip some businesses into final collapse. It’s another blow to morale, another financial loss, after an appalling year and more.
“That’s just in my industry, live music. There are many more affected by this.”
Frank noted that the past “week or so” has been particularly tough for his “mental health, morale and economics”, although he’s determined to get through the difficult time.
He tweeted: “Speaking personally, the last week or so has been about the hardest part of the whole shebang, in terms of mental health, morale and economics.
“But like millions of others I’ll do my best to work it out. We’ll reschedule, do the sums again, thank the gods for people like @musicvenuetrust, and hope against hope something will be left on the other side of this.
“My point here is simply that saying ‘it’s not a big deal’ is pretty parochial. I’m glad it doesn’t affect you, but it does affect us, and a little consideration of that would be appreciated.”


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