She Is 24 Not 14: Baba Ijesha Reveals Shocking Revelation

By: Naijajoy Official / May 10, 2021 / 126

As indicated by a stunning disclosure making round the web, Baba Ijesha asked to be summon in court as he uncovers stunning disclosure, Praize Media report.

He said, they should summon him in court.

The woman was 17 years of age +7 years making 24 years of age and she was pregnant for baba ijesha and they cut short the pregnancy, baba ijesha, and the princess was dating before baba ijesha played two cards othem.

Presently, they are searching for the parent of the woman to come out. I’ m getting a charge out of all data from a solid source.

They beat the woman and the image is out too basically in light of the fact that she was pregnant for baba Ijesha.

Presently, they are looking for a birth testament and the parent of the woman.

The editorial manager of the video has been captured to introduce the full video.


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