Etinosa took to Instagram to question the African definition of a strong woman.

She said that when Africans talk about a strong woman, they are referring to women willing to endure sufferings, maltreatment, and disrespect

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She questioned why successful women, breaking barriers while refusing to be disrespected or maltreated are not the ones referred to as strong women.

She said: “There’s one nonsense thing that they do in this society that I don’t like. It’s as if they use to measure the strength of a woman, they use to measure the virtuousness of a woman by the suffering that she can endure.”

She went on to give examples of women considered strong in Africa.

She added in the caption: “The definition of ‘strong woman’ in this our African society needs to improve TBH byyyeeeeeee.

Etinosa questions the African definition of a strong woman