White racist cop fired after stopping and detaining daughter and her black boyfriend for no reason

By: Oluwasegun / June 24, 2018 / 188

A lorain white police officer is out of job after an internal investigation in the US found thet he abused his authotity as a cop by conducting a traffic stop on his daughter and her boyfriend and temporarily detained them in the back of his police car.
Officer John Kovach Jr., pulled 18-year-old Makai Coleman with three other individuals including his daughter and told Coleman he was “going to jail”.
When Makai asked why, the officer responded “Have a seat in my car. We’ll make sh*t up as we go.”
Kovach then addresses a woman in the neighbourhood, Gloria Morales, who comes out of her home nearby because her children are two of the three people in the car with Coleman. He tells Morales his daughter’s computer is inside her house and while she initially gives him permission to search the house, she later tells him to come back with a search warrant when he threatens to give her daughter a $300 ticket for not wearing her seatbelt.
When Morales says she is calling 911, he threatens to arrest her, telling her it is not an emergency. He then tells her two children to get out of the car and go with Morales. At that point, he notices his daughter, Katlyn Kovach, 18, in the backseat.
Kovach tells Coleman to get out of the cruiser and he pushes his daughter into the cruiser while she protests that she is 18 and can’t be arrested for without cause. He eventually gets her into the cruiser and drives away, as seen in the video below…


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