Happy Eid Mubarak!! Read Our Heartfelt Message To All Muslims

By: Oluwasegun / June 15, 2018 / 313

The special season for all Muslims has come and gone.

The Holy month of Ramadan is filled with valuable lessons that can make anyone keep to a more spiritual and uncomplicated life.

As we go forth into other months of this Islamic year, let’s continue to remember Allah in our dealings and commit all our endeavors into the hands of God.

During Ramadan, we fast with pure intention to perfect our Ibadat. Let’s continue to increase our effort to make all our actions the best for the sake of Allah and do good regularly.

For those who have started consuming alcohol, smoking and doing other bad habits all because Ramadan has ended, be aware that Allah is watching, also remember that Jahannum (HellFire) and Al-Jannat (Heaven) are real.

May Allah accept our fasting as an act of Ibadat and we wish all Muslim Naijajoy a blessed Eid. AMEN!


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