Football Fans Only! Put Messi/Ronaldo Aside, Mention One Player You Can’t Miss His Match For Anything In This World Cup

By: Oluwasegun / June 15, 2018 / 310

The much anticipated FIFA World Cup has kicked off already with the host country, Russia defeating Saudi Arabia in the opening match.

As a football fan, we all have our favorite players, probably from out various clubs we are supporting, some of us adopted interest in some players bybthe way they impress while using them in video games.

While reading this, be honest, which player comes to your mind? Which football players you are so watching out for in this world cup that you can’t miss his match for anything?

As for me AkhamPapa :

I’m going for David De Gea, I can’t wait to see how he would impress the world with his amazing saving skills.

What about you? Let’s see your own player in the comment box. Remember, Messi, Ronaldo not allowed. Let’s go!!!


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