Be Honest! Small Doctor And Slimcase Having Free Shows Same Time, Which Would You Attend?

By: Oluwasegun / June 15, 2018 / 286

If sentiments are to be put aside, these two are currently getting massive attention these days.

Slimcase though a new act that just broke his way to stardom with his unique style has been enjoying many cool reviews from fans.

As he awaits his new single in two days time, we can’t but accept the fact that he’s one of the major artistes that made the current shakushaku dance a trending one.

Small Doctor, a unique one also who knows how to get attention of his fans with his street prowess and unite all fans with the words everyone can relate to. The current holder of the Best Street Pop award is definitely one of the best we have around.

Having said all these. If by chance these two talented musicians are to perform and the show falls at the same time. Whose show are you definitely going to. Remember you must choose one person.

Let’s see your opinion in the comment box below.


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